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Absolute Drift: Zen Edition mini-review

If you appreciate absolutely mastery of technique, give Absolute Drift: Zen Edition a spin. While it’s not for everyone, obsessives might find themselves spending hours chasing (but never quite achieving) faultlessness. Anyone who questions drifting ...

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WRC 9 FIA World Rally Championship (Xbox) review

Building on last year’s impressive effort must have been arduous, but WRC 9 steps up to the challenge with an array of improvements.   Long the outclassed underdog, last year’s WRC 8 FIA World Rally Championship demonstrated an invigorating ...

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Pacer review

There have been a multitude of challengers poised to steal Wipeout’s anti-gravitational crown. Pacer is undoubtedly one of the better attempts. Although there’s still a few elements that could be refined, this is one aggressive ...

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Hotshot Racing review

Filled with blissful drifts, eternally blue skies, and polygons as sharp as razors, Hotshot Racing is a salient throwback to simpler times. Retro racers, make your way to the starting line. Players under the age ...

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Kandagawa Jet Girls review

Although there’s several play modes and a roster of appealing characters, Kandagawa Jet Girls is light on challenge and a sense of speed. Much like the anime, this is an adequate effort that’s capable of ...

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Going Slideways with Drift21

To broaden appeal, racing games routinely include a drifting component. And if you’ve played franchises like Assetto Corsa, GRID, Need for Speed, or Project Cars, you’ve probably careening around the occasional corner. But dedicated drifting ...

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