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Golden Sun: Dark Dawn Review

JRPGs haven’t evolved as much in the past decade as games from other genres. A few games here or there have thrown in a new gimmick or two in an attempt to set themselves apart, ...

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There Will Be Blood- Splatterhouse Review

Much like the reoccurring expedition which has served as the series’ backstory, Splatterhouse‘s conception has been filled with uncertainly and threat. Once helmed by BottleRocket Entertainment- the studio responsible for the 2002’s inspired Mark of ...

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Podcast 5-4: Mouth Breathing on Tha Mic

Harmony is in the air as age-old rivals DesertEagle and SeanNOLA diplomatically discuss their impressions of Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, Spelunker HD, Donkey Kong Country Returns, EA Sports Active 2, the Marvel Tables for Pinball ...

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Mouse Strokes- Disney Epic Mickey Review

Unlike most septuagenarians, Mickey Mouse has effortlessly embraced interactive media. While the Disney icon’s television appearances are now limited to programs for the potty-training set, his video game career has blossomed over the last twenty-two ...

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Podcast 5-3: Eat ‘Em and Beat ‘Em

After nursing the bruises sustained by busting doors on Black Friday, the beloved trio returns to offer impressions on Disney Epic Mickey, The Sly Collection, Sky Fighter, Tempura of the Dead and the Gummy Bears: ...

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The Proverbial Toss-up: FlingSmash Review

Apart from the misguided cacophony of Wii Music, Nintendo’s contributions into the Wii library have been exceptionally satisfying. From the two dimensional, retro-inspired platforming of Kirby’s Epic Yarn, Donkey Kong Country Returns, and New Super ...

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