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Hammerwatch (Switch) review

1985’s Gauntlet is often remembered for its in-game narration, where a Texas Instruments speech synthesizer would state the condition of each player. Notoriously, the announcer would also divulge which character inadvertently shot the health-replenishing food, ...

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Party Planet review

A developer once offered a bit of insight into his design philosophy: “Games are a complex system of parts that aim to do one thing really well.” But the theory often falls apart when applied ...

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Vostok Inc. review

The ‘clicker’ genre is poised to create a love/hate relationship with players. Undeniably, there’s fulfilment in the continuous accumulation of wealth and the pleasure in increasing your earnings rate. But all too often, you are ...

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Japanese Rail Sim 3D Travel of Steam review

Japan’s affinity for trains is well known. Most famously, there’s the Shinkansen, a high-speed express service that has shuttled 5.6 billion commuters between Tokyo and Osaka since its inception in 1964. Of course, there’s also ...

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Caveman Warriors review

While players might associate platforming games with plumbers and hedgehogs, the genre has a disproportionate number of entries that take place in prehistorical eras. From B.C.’s Quest for Tires, Joe and Mac, Chuck Rock, Bonk, ...

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Superbeat: Xonic review

Years ago, rhythm games infiltrated arcades and living rooms, where titles like Guitar Freaks, Taiko: Drum Master, Dance Dance Revolution, Guitar Hero, and Rock Band dominated recreational spaces with their hulking cabinets and faux plastic ...

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RIVE: Ultimate Edition review

Typically, a developer’s final project is an imprudent mess, if not an outright disaster. From Ion Storm’s Daikatana, Maxis’ SimCity 2013, Realtime Worlds’ APB, Flagship Studios’ Hellgate: London, to Free Radical’s Haze, there’s been a ...

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Creeping Terror review

A number of developers have tried to cultivate scares on Nintendo’s dual-screen device with decidedly mixed results. A pair of Resident Evil games brought Capcom’s popular series to the 3DS, but the two titles definitely ...

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The Mummy Demastered review

Not long ago, games based on film properties were routinely awful. Defunct publishers like THQ, LJN, Acclaim, and Ocean Software become known for their slapdash adaptations, each company attempting to make a quick buck by ...

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