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New Releases for the Week of August 12th, 2012

Sleeping DogsWith anticipated titles such as Darksiders II, Sleeping Dogs, and The Last Story hitting store shelves, this week’s list of new releases ushers in a harbinger of hope after a summer devoid of essential gaming experiences. Thankfully, these titles are complemented by a number of high profile digital offerings, from Summer of Arcade 2012’s denouement, Dust: An Elysian Tail to Vander Caballero’s allegorical exploration of domestic disfunctionalism in Papo & Yo.

Darksiders II
Dust: An Elysian Tail (XBLA, $15.00)
Sleeping Dogs

Darksiders II
Papo & Yo (PSN, $14.99, $11.99 PS+)
Shinobi (PS2 Classic, $9.99)
Sleeping Dogs

Mama’s 2-Pack
The Last Story

New eShop releases posted 8/16

Mama’s Combo Pack Volume 1
Mama’s Combo Pack Volume 2

No releases

Drip Drip
Hero Academy
Iron Brigade
Sleeping Dogs

DesertEagle’s Pick: After hearing that Activision dumped Sleeping Dogs early last year, I had nearly written the title off myself, assuming Square-Enix’s decision to finish the game would result in another Duke Nukem Forever-like Debacle. After spending the last few nights with the game, I can happily say I was wrong, Sleeping Dogs expedition to the Hong Kong underworld offers some amazingly visceral combat and repugnant foes who deserve to have the crap beat out of them, Tony Jaa-style.

Sleeping Dogs

BlueSwim’s Pick: The second of the three Wii RPGs that fan movement, Operation Rainfall, was seeking to have localized hits store shelves this week thanks to Xseed Games. The Last Story from Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi and Mistwalker is a third person action RPG with a feature you wouldn’t expect from the genre; online multiplayer. Up to six players can jump online and take on The Last Story‘s bosses together or square off against each other. Between that and the main story’s forty-four chapters, there should be plenty for JRPG fans to soak up.

The Last Story

SeanNOLA’s Pick: Looks like the summer doldrums are finally coming to an end, and with fall comes softer weather and tougher purchase decisions. Although readers are probably most familiar with my lust for Cooking Mama, I must admit that I probably don’t need a compilation of her games. Darksiders 2, on the other hand, has my undivided attention. I adored the first game, and the sequel looks to be an even greater adventure than the original. Color me excited!

Darksiders 2

Jeremy’s Pick: Beautiful video games and beautiful people are held to the same terrible standard: If it’s pretty, it must be devoid of depth. Dust: An Elysian Tail (Dean Dodrill, aka Humble Hearts) wants to wow us with style AND substance when the beautifully-animated, voice acted action-RPG comes to Xbox Live Arcade. This Dust will be unlike any of the other recent Dusts (-514, From-, –force, et al) but will share aesthetic traits with hand-drawn Vanillaware games, or Marvel vs Capcom 3. Dust also wants to show you its inner beauty through world exploration, interesting anthropomorphic characters, quests and other light-RPG elements, item collection, and a “deep” and “rewarding” combo-fighting and experience system. Check out the official site for art, videos, and other info!

Dust: An Elysian Tail

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  1. Let’s say a company like Square-Enix would offer you say $200 to choose a game as pick of the week. Would you take it?

    I asked because Sleeping Dogs looks like a dog.

    • Wait, doesn’t Deagle do the new releases? If NIS, Atlus, or Squenix asked and didn’t give him money, he’d probably do it for free. Guy is JRPG crazy.

  2. I think Sean made the best pick with Darksiders 2.

    Not having a demo worries a bit, but since THQ is really struggling, I’ll assume its because their a bit low on funds, not because the game isn’t good.

  3. Dust: An Elysian Tail looks incredible. Hard to believe it was once a XBLA indie. The $15 price might make me flinch, but I’m going to have to pull the trigger.

  4. Not sure sure about the “softer” weather, but the decisions are tough this week. I want both Sleeping Dogs and Darksiders II and can’t decide between the two.

  5. The Last Story sounds like it just might be the last must-play game on the Wii before I mothball it.

  6. While getting my hands on Mama’s 2-Pack sound fun (Sorry, Sean), I think I’ll go with Darksiders 2.

  7. “Although readers are probably most familiar with my lust for Cooking Mama”

    Has this ever been fully explained?

    Papo & Yo this week. The hype is killing me!

  8. BTW- Did any of you guys play Sound Shapes? Review or podcast discussion?

  9. I think Jeremy is trying to outdo Deagle’s writing. I’ve got to say this week, he passed him by. haha. No offense, Des!

    On his recommendation Dust: An Elysian Tail will get a demo and MAYBE a purchase.

  10. I bought it last Wednesday. While the game’s look can be a bit spartan, the whole play/create/share aspect has really sucked me in.

    I find myself playing the basic game on the Vita and creating on the PS3 a bit more, mainly because editing uses the rear touch function, which is totally unintuitive for me. I wish the interface allowed for alternative functionality.

    That blemish aside, it’s a great concept which feels VERY close to Little Big Planet, albeit with jumping that’s a bit less floaty. Considering the quality, amount of content, and ability to download user-made creations, it’s an easy recommendation.

  11. I’ve seen Sean’s collection of Cooking Mama pics. This is the MOST tasteful: [spoiler intro=”Whoa, Mama” title=”Slightly NSFW”]Whoa, Mama[/spoiler]

  12. No podcast and no pick from Sage. What’s going on over there?!?

    Oh, and Jeremy speaks the truth.

  13. Hows the gunplay in Sleeping Dogs? I just heard that the melee combat is fun.

  14. I remember Shinobi for PS2 being fun, but balls hard near the end of the game. Still, I might pick it for for a ten-spot.

    Most looking forward to Papo and Yo.

  15. I can’t wait for Darksiders II. Only a few more days.

  16. It looks like I’ll be buying 3 games this upcoming week: Darksiders II, Last Story, and Sleeping Dogs. I may check out demos of two downloadable titles

  17. Nothing new. Just some $10 games at the Best Buy sale.

  18. Will you guys review Papo y Yo.