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London Detective Mysteria (PC) review

A Lady’s Return Set in late nineteenth century London, London Detective Mysteria commences with Emily Whiteley’s return to the city. After witnessing the death of her parents, young Lady Whiteley was whisked away to the countryside, missing ...

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Date A Live: Rio Reincarnation review

Armageddon is ubiquitous in modern media, with audiences seemingly obsessed by plotlines that depict the multitude of ways the world might end. But save for a few subversively pessimistic works, mankind typically comes up with ...

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Heart of the Woods review

Yuri is a broad term that’s used to describe media which depicts attraction between women. While it’s often associated with representations of explicitness, it also describes works where there’s an implicit or even a platonic ...

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Arcade Spirits review

Typically, visual novels aspire to entertain audiences. Rarely are they used as a tool for self-analysis. That’s not the case with Fiction Factory Games’ Arcade Spirits. Instead of providing a handful of routes to emulate ...

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Steins;Gate Elite review

Time travel is a popular premise across almost every medium. But like most high-concept narratives, it’s often used as a catalyst for absorbing human interaction rather than an opportunity for scientific speculation. From the comical ...

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Song of Memories review

Initially, Song of Memories resembles yet another romantic harem comedy. You’ll assume the role of Minato Kamishiro, a second-year student at the Ouka Acadamy. Reprimanded for ogling an excessively busty rhythm gymnast rehearsing after-school, Minato’s ...

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