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Grandia HD Collection review

While the industry sporadically flirts with backwards compatibility, enjoyment of the classics is rarely guaranteed. Sure, you might be able to hook up legacy up legacy consoles, provided your television has enough inputs and physical ...

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Ion Fury review

In hindsight, the first-person shooter has undergone a curious evolution. Early efforts like Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, and Duke Nukem 3D were exceedingly taut experiences, teeming with enemies waiting around corners, each ready to kill careless ...

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Atari Flashback Classics review

The Birth of a Giant The Atari VCS wasn’t the first cartridge-based console, but it undoubtedly popularized home gaming across the late 1970s and early 1980s. During the system’s miraculous fifteen-year life span, it sold ...

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Battle Princess Madelyn review

During the 1980s, Capcom was an industry titan. The company created a succession of seminal titles such as Mega Man, 1942, Bionic Commando, Gun.Smoke, and Final Fight. Each earned the admiration of players and spurred ...

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Tempest 4000 review

One of my earliest and most enduring gaming memories was produced by Dave Theurer’s 1981 classic coin-on, Tempest. As one of the first machines to employ Color-QuadraScan vector graphics, the game’s vibrant output looked like ...

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