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Thunder Wolves Review

What is the concept? During the heyday of coin-ops, there was little need for narrative. Instead, arcade proprietors sought cabinets which would elicit adrenaline-emitting reactions, thereby earning a steady stream of revenue. The inclusion of ...

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Midway Arcade Origins Review

Across the previous two generations of console hardware, collections of cherished coin-op games were commonplace. Then, digital delivery came along and, save from the superb Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection, shifted the paradigm from disk-based compendium ...

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NiGHTS into Dreams HD Review

It’s hard to have a conversation about the Sega Saturn without somebody bringing up NiGHTs into Dreams. Set aside the fact that the system had some of the greatest, most unique adventure and roleplaying games, ...

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Warlords Review

It’s hard to have a conversation about the Golden Age of Arcades without somebody bringing up Warlords. One of a very few early four player arcade titles, Warlords was essentially a Breakout-style game that had ...

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Retro City Rampage Review

The game industry is no stranger to the oxymoron. From the endurance of the Final Fantasy franchise, the amount of wholly original content in New Super Mario Bros. 2, to control schemes which provide only ...

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Sonic Adventure 2 HD Review

Eleven years ago, Sonic Adventure 2 was a divisive game. It was a turning point in the series, when a lot of fans started to write the series off. It’s often considered the beginning of ...

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