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Poncho review

The indie developer boom we’ve witnessed throughout this last decade revived several genres which were long thought to have been unprofitable or abandoned by larger software houses. Of all game styles to have been favored ...

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The Future of 20XX

It’s interesting to think how ten years ago Megaman fans were suffering from franchise fatigue as Capcom kept releasing title after title starring the famous blue bomber. Yet, today this mascot is relegated to little ...

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Leo’s Fortune (Xbox One) review

What is the concept? Neo-Freudian criminologists believe that a large percentage of lawbreakers want to get caught. The theory is particularly useful when discussing the behavior of nearly every video game villain. Either divulging their ...

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Funk of Titans (PC) review

In recent years, endless runners gained a recent surge in popularity largely stemming from the rise in mobile games. Though the genre can be traced as far back as classics like Moon Patrol, it’s fair ...

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Legend of Kay Anniversary review

Gaming in the 1990’s was dominated by character mascots, where protagonists like Sonic the Hedgehog, Crash Bandicoot, Earthworm Jim and Gex encouraged sales with a marketable combination of agility and bad-boy attitude. But when the ...

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Traverser review

Adult Swim Games made a name for itself through a series of unique, quality titles which often paid homage to industry classics. These include several retro-themed releases whose gameplay and graphical output rivalled those of ...

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