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So Many Me Review

Over the past decade, players have been bombarded with a deluge of puzzle/platformers. And with so many titles purporting to be the consummate combination of leaping and logic conundrums, it might be hard to get ...

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Team Tripleslash Talks Action and Attraction

The University of Utah’s Entertainment Arts and Engineering (EAE) program has spurred a wellspring of industry talent, propelling its pupils onto the teams of ChAIR Entertainment, Microsoft Studios’ Games, and Maxis Salt Lake. While many ...

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Soul Fjord Review

Mash-ups are hardly a new phenomenon for the game industry. NES titles such as Pinball Quest and River City Ransom shrewdly combined genres- while even earlier, coin-ops like Gorf and Tron attracted players by merging ...

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Q&A with OUYA’s Kellee Santiago

Tech-Gaming: Before we delve into OUYA discussion, let’s talk your impact on the industry. Following your graduation from University of Southern California’s interactive media program, you went onto help form thatgamecompany- the studio responsible for ...

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