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Mary Skelter 2 review

Industry has a way of watering down transgressive works. Take Children’s and Household Tales, the 1812 collection of folktales assembled by the Grimms Brothers. Far removed from the modern versions we might associate from studios ...

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Corpse Party: Blood Drive review

Most game franchises follow a path of consistency, with follow-ups that obediently adhere to formula. But that’s rarely been the case with Team GrisGris’ Corpse Party series. The inaugural title in the West, 2006’s Corpse ...

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A Knight’s Quest review

Delve into A Knight’s Quest, the latest efforts from the two-person developer team of Sky9 Games, and you might be reminded of a Ridley Scott film. No, not Blade Runner, Alien, or even Gladiator. We’re ...

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BurgerTime Party! review

With a cabinet that depicted protagonist Peter Pepper extending an approachable smile and a plump hamburger, BurgerTime probably seemed like just another innocuous arcade game. But dropping a quarter into the coin slot transported players ...

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Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition (Switch) Review

Years ago, the shooter was one of the most visceral and engaging genres around, consistently delivering frantic firefights that often outmatched the best summer blockbusters. But over time, those once-invigorating action sequences began to lose ...

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