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Whipseey and the Lost Atlas review

Masahiro Sakurai’s cheerful pink blob has been captivating players for more than a quarter-century. Ever since the 1992 debut of Kirby’s Dream Land, the gelatinous, ability-cloning character has been the star of over thirty sequels ...

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Chiki-Chiki Boxy Pro Wrestling review

With last year’s Chiki-Chiki Boxy Racers, Orgesta reached into gaming’s golden past, offering a breezy title inspired by titles like R.C. Pro-Am, Micro Machines, and Choro Q. With the release of Chiki-Chiki Boxy Pro Wrestling, ...

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Rogue Singularity review

Amidst the late ‘90s, gaming had an all too fleeting love affair with extreme sports. Building on the popularity of the X Games, interactive interpretations captured the thrills of activities like motocross, skateboarding, and snowboarding, ...

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Grandia HD Collection review

While the industry sporadically flirts with backwards compatibility, enjoyment of the classics is rarely guaranteed. Sure, you might be able to hook up legacy up legacy consoles, provided your television has enough inputs and physical ...

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Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark review

Tactical role-playing games are complicated affairs, with components like character growth and combat precariously built upon a myriad of variables. As such, it’s exceedingly easy for genre entries to drift into unfairness, forcing level grinding ...

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The Forbidden Arts review

At their best, games offer a captivating fusion of components. When storyline, play, visuals, and sound converge in a cohesive manner, the results can be riveting, reminding us of the medium’s potential. But all too ...

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Omega Labyrinth Life review

As evidenced by the complaints faced by prominent sports series, many are irked by publishers who pump out iterative sequels with unremitting regularity. But the practice has an undeniable upside. Gradually, these franchises evolve, jettisoning ...

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Raiden V: Director’s Cut (Switch) review

In the shoot-‘em-up pantheon, every prodigious title has a distinguishing play mechanic. R-Type is built around a fascinating risk/reward where players can augment their offensive output by abstaining from fire, accumulating energy in their wave cannon. Players ...

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Kill la Kill IF review

Arena-based fighting is a popular approach for adapting anime into interactive form. Franchises like Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm, Dragon Ball Xenoverse, My Hero One’s Justice, and J-Star Victory/Jump Force have all demonstrated there are a ...

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