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ScourgeBringer mini-review

Flying Oak’s (NeuroVoider) latest pits players against the eponymous, world-obliterating menace. Combating the elevated evil sends you zipping across the screen like a combat-ready hummingbird, making for an engaging experience. For action junkies, few sensations ...

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Jetboard Joust mini-review

With an affordable price and play that supports numerous playthroughs, Jetboard Joust is a satisfying, arcade-style shooter with roguelike elements. Don’t make the mistake of assuming Jetboard Joust is spiritual successor to 1982 arcade smash, ...

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Terror Squid mini-review

Terror Squid is an interesting concept but expect the enjoyment to be as fleeting as a plate of fresh calamari shared with several famished friends. With a faux-vector graphics visual style reminiscent of Geometry Wars, ...

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Shoot 1Up DX (Switch) mini-review

Elevated by an ingenious play mechanic that lets plays shift between a tight formation of ships or a loose formation of firepower, Shoot 1UP DX shouldn’t be overlooked by fans of the genre. In their ...

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Ys Origin mini-review

Originally released for Windows Computers in 2006, Ys Origin is an advisable prequel, providing Switch owners with portable way to play this timeless title. Although most franchise entries are standalone adventures, Ys Origin makes a ...

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