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Podcast 14-7: Buy The Moon

Podcast 14-7

This episode, Robert and Say intrepidly attempt to lead a roster of post plane crash survivors in Dyscourse, travel through game history in A Pixel Story, and trying to keep things together in TerraTech. Beyond impressions of other illustrious indies, ...

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New Game Releases: April 16th-22nd, 2015

Sayonara Umihara Kawase Vita

From Shovel Knight, Joe Danger and even Donkey Kong, familiar faces fill this week’s schedule of new releases. Luckily, for those yearning for novelty, there are a few titles offering freshness- whether through the two new premium games to hit ...

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Westerado: Double Barreled review

Westerado Double Barreled (1)

Quality games featuring a wild west theme are few and far between. While Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption and Konami’s Sunset Riders respectively recreate the freedom and shooting frenzy of Hollywood’s classic blockbusters, no title has yet to both parody and ...

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Excave II: Wizard of the Underworld review

Excave II Wizard of the Underworld  (1)

Helping to fill the deficiency of dungeon-crawlers on the 3DS, last February’s Excave proved to be a passable entry in the genre. While the title periodically succumbed to hack-and-slash tedium and exhibited an uneven challenge curve, these transgressions were counterbalanced ...

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New Game Releases: April 9th-15th, 2015

Xenoblade Chronicles 3D

From WarioWare: Touched! and Yoshi Touch & Go’s transition onto the Wii U Gamepad, Scorpion, Sub-Zero and the usual cast of eccentrics in Mortal Kombat X, as well as the appearance of Xenoblade Chronicles on New 3DS screens, is seems ...

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A Q&A with Nihon Falcom/Mastiff Games

Falcom Q&A

From Faxanadu for the NES, the Ys series, and The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky, Nihon Falcom has an amazingly prodigious body of work that spans over three decades. With the recent release of Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure ...

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Story of Seasons review

Story of Seasons (1)

For a franchise with a notable absence of antagonism, the Bokujō Monogatari/Harvest Moon franchise has found itself in an ironic junction. Originally published in 1996 by Japanese publisher/developer Pack-In-Video (creator of Die Hard, Friday the 13th, Predator, and Rambo for ...

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Paperbound review

Paperbound (1)

Local multiplayer sessions can lack convenience, requiring a careful synchronization of schedules and venues. But often, they’re worth every iota of effort, producing the type of spirited camaraderie that’s missing from online play. From childhood memories formed while playing Combat, ...

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New Game Releases: April 2nd-8th, 2015

Etrian Mystery Dungeon

The gap between PC and consoles continues to shirk, with the appearance of Aaru’s Awakening, Tower of Guns, Bastion, and even Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures making their pilgrimage to dedicated hardware. Fortunately, for portable owning Stream stalwarts, there are ...

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