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Ray Gigant review

Ray Gigant6

In Outliers, author Malcolm Gladwell popularized the 10,000 Hour Rule, which suggests that expertise emerges from “determined practice”- a system that continually pushes a skill set as much as possible. Gladwell’s attributes the success of ...

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Q&A With Ray Gigant’s Ryo Mito

Ray Gigant (1)

As the creative lead for a game, directors are responsible for everything that’s included and purposefully omitted. As such, they often get the bulk of media attention. But the producer serves an equally important role, ...

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Corpse Party (PC) Review

Corpse Party (1)

Few countries feature as rich a gaming heritage as Japan. Known for crafting unique experiences, several genres as we know them today was either created or inspired by titles hailing from the rising sun. Yet, ...

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Q&A With Grand Kingdom’s Tomohiko Deguchi

Grand Kingdom0

While Western gamers were able to enjoy the aesthetic grandeur and engrossing gameplay of Muramasa: The Demon Blade, they weren’t able to appreciate Tomohiko Deguchi’s directorial effort. Regrettably, both the Stateside and European releases of ...

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Stranger of Sword City review

Stranger Sword City

With opposing trajectories and estranged timetables, Wizardry never got to make the acquaintance of its overseas-residing brethren. While Sir-Tech’s franchise helped to translate table-top tenets into computer role-playing game principal, its reign did not last ...

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