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Gun*Gal Double Peace review


Although games often flirt with wish fulfillment, few games devote their entire premise around pure fantasy. But the PC release of Gun*Gal: Double Peace is hardly an ordinary game, with a premise that’s preposterously comical ...

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Ember (PC) review


What is the concept? Nearly two decades after its original release, Baldur’s Gate remains one of the most influential interactive adaptations of Dungeons & Dragons. The latest effort to draw ideas from BioWare’s prodigious effort ...

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Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity review


Although some may bemoan the industry’s push away from physical media, digital distribution has one irrefutable upside: it has allowed the niche market to prosper. Released from the lofty minimum requirements of boxed publishing and ...

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Steins;Gate (PC) review


Time travel is a popular premise across almost every medium. But like most high-concept narratives, it’s often used as a catalyst for engaging human interaction rather than an opportunity for scientific speculation. From the comical ...

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Boulder Dash 30th Anniversary review


One of the great dialectics in gaming is the tension between pattern-driven and free-form play. Classic shooters like Gradius and R-Type are textbook examples of the former, goading gamers into improvement as they face the ...

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Polara review


The term ‘endless runner’ is a bit of misnomer. Fundamentally, games that fall into the genre grow progressively more challenging- to the point where difficulty eventually outstrips our visual acuity, reaction time, and coordination skills. ...

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MeiQ: Labyrinth of Death review


One day, the PS Vita supply chain will inevitably come to a fateful halt, kicking off a discussion of the plucky portable’s merits and missteps. While some might lament on missed potential, fans of the ...

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