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Comic-Con 2011 Photostream

Let’s be honest: over the last few years, Comic-Con has focused less on those illustrated paperbacks on more on games, movies, and general geek culture. Need proof? Take a look through the eyes and camera lens of Ana M., whose captured the some of the best cosplay of the San Diego-based convention. Take a look through the pics, and see if you can spot the person whose dressing up as the ever-elusive Adam ‘TideGear’ Milecki.

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  1. Adam is the third pic. Too easy- Rockin’ Android logo gave it away.

  2. Is that a Christopher Reeve wax figure or a person? Cause that looks dead on real.

  3. Is the dude in the Sailor Moon outfit Deagle, BlueSwim, or Cheapassgamer’s Shipwreck. I’m confused.

  4. LOLing at Gamespot man. Whose costume is 45’s but he’s mixing on a macbook.

  5. Did the Angry Birds cosplayer see any police officers?

  6. Looks…well crowded.

  7. There’s a shortage of honeys. But hey, it’s Comic-Con.

  8. When is Karnov going to write or record for TG?

  9. Man, I would have loved to go. So jealous!!! It looks like fun.

  10. One day, I’ll be able to afford to go.

  11. Renegade Dancer

    Harry P. is sooo cute!!!

  12. Cool pics. Almost lime being there, right?

  13. Custard's Revenge

    Hey it’s TideGear with the crazy beard!

  14. That’s a bad looking Naruto.

  15. Did Ezio kill anyone at the t-shirt shop?

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  18. Why isn’t Adam in the podcast anymore?

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