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Robocalypse Now!

With its touch interface and dual screens, one would think the Nintendo DS would be an ideal platform for a real-time strategy game. While Heroes of Mana, and Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings have valiantly ...

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Return of the Mailbag- Gamestop Woes

With so many new releases to play and review, we have neglected the old mailbag. Fear not, we we’re working double-time by answering two questions today. If you have a burning video-game released question, send ...

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Nearly Divine- Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Reviewed

                                                 “Who pwns Bartertown? Masterblaster pwns Bartertown!” If Diablo and Elder Scrolls: Oblivion conceived a child, their offspring would grow up to resemble Sacred 2: Fallen Angel. ...

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