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A Divine Time: Sacred 2 Review

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel for the Xbox 360 and PS3. Developer: Ascaron Entertainment Publisher: CDV Software Scientists have yet to map the Diablo gene. Although the human genome project has uncovered many genetic predispositions, the ...

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Storming and Platforming- Klonoa Reviewed

Klonoa for the Nintendo Wii. Developer: Namco, Publisher: Namco-Bandai It’s quite rare that a week passes in which Tech-Gaming doesn’t get an accusatory missive. These letters charge us of being overly nostalgic and often state ...

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Mech-Tech: Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 for the PS3, and Xbox 360. Developer: Omega Force, Publisher: Namco/Koei The Dynasty Warriors series in one of the most interesting anomalies in gaming. Annually, the series launches permutations of titles ...

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