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Rocking the Cradle of Rome

Jewel Master: Cradle of Rome for the Nintendo Wii. Developer: Destineer Publisher: Destineer When Bejeweled was released by PopCap in the year 2000, it quickly became an addiction for me. The gem swapping diversion had ...

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Stunt Runts- Space Bikers Reviewed

Physics simulation seems like something that’s only been prominent in gaming for the past few years. In reality, it just sneaked up on us. Before the often comical advent of ragdoll physics and destructible environments, ...

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Embrace the Case- OtterBox Defender Reviewed

I’m slightly obsessive-compulsive about my technology and electronic items. I fervidly refuse to purchase any of the ‘gutted’ titles from Gamestop- display copies that are typically marred with price stickers, instead opting for a pristine, ...

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