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Silly Simian- Rasta Monkey Reviewed

There’s no denying that Rastafarianism is a unique religion. While it’s often found simply amusing by outsiders, Rastafarianism is considered by many to be no less than who they are. Like many religions or belief ...

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Portable Pilgrimage- Oregon Trail Reviewed

The Oregon Trail for iPhone. Developer: Gameloft Publisher: Gameloft, The Learning Company If nothing else, most action or puzzle games can train one’s reflexes, logic, and spatial-relation skills. Still, the creation of educational games is ...

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New Releases 3/22-3/28: Usual Suspects Edition

This week’s new releases bring a dependable cast of gaming characters together: samurai, ninja, monsters, aliens, kittens, and ride-pimper Xzibit all make a appearance. Additionally, Pikachu’s yellow visage will likely adorn DS screens across the ...

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