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Star Bores- Yuck Fu Reviewed

Yuck Fu for the iPhone. Developer: Dominic Szablewski, Publisher: Dominic Szablewski Over the past few years, I’ve developed a Pavlovian response to the sound of the delivery truck. The amalgamation of an engine roar coupled ...

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Emergency: Disaster Rescue Squad Reviewed

Emergency! Disaster Rescue Squad for the DS. Developer: Sixteen Tons, Publisher: Destineer Although the genre is largely overlooked by critics, fans must adore the time-management simulation. How else could one explain the proliferation of operation ...

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Undeniably Fun Object- Saucelifter! Reviewed

Saucelifter! for the iPhone/Ipod Touch. Developer: Paul Pridham Publisher: MadGarden Humanity’s love affair with the flying saucer has been a strange one. During the late 1940s, sci-fi began to explode and filled the imaginations of ...

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