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Plump and Pleasurable- Fat Princess Reviewed

Fat Princess for the Playstation 3. Developer: Titan Studios, Publisher: SCEA ESRB: T DesertEagle’s Take: The requisite showground for hosting competitive, online, multiplayer matches continues to be the first or third person shooter. It seems ...

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A Smashing Good Time- Shatter Reviewed

Shatter for the PS3. Developer: Sidhe Interactive, Publisher: Sidhe Interactive ESRB: E DesertEagle’s Take: While many chastise the sluggish amount of innovation in the fighting game genre, the Breakout clone is arguably the slowest category ...

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Crowning Achievement- Little King’s Story

Little King’s Story for the Wii. Developer: Cing/Town Factory, Publisher: Xseed ESRB: T With high unemployment, an increasingly large, unskilled workforce, and a woeful economy, the populace looks toward a young leader for hope. If ...

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