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Podcast 7-8: Attack of the B’s

This week DesertEagle and BlueSwim swat at bugs in the B-movie inspired Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon, and swing at balls with MLB Bobblehead Pros. Additionally, we visit the barren wastelands of Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D and do our best to Try Not to Fart with an amusing Xbox Indie. In keeping with the ‘B’ theme we discuss Bloodrayne: Betrayal with WayForward Technologies’ Michael Herbster and offer a special Bravo trivia before answering reader mail.

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Music Selections

Intro: Bionic Commando ‘Armed and Dangerous’ Remixed by: Palpable
Intermission one: BlazBlue: Calmity Trigger ‘Tao is Taokaka’ Remixed by: 3R2
Intermission two: Bomberman ‘Chip Trip’ Remixed by: Chuck Dodgers
Outro: Bubble Bobble ‘Hillybilly Rodeo’ Remixed by: djpretzel

About Robert Allen

With over 35 years of gaming experience, Robert 'DesertEagle' Allen is Tech-Gaming's resident worrier/warrior who spends his days teaching at three colleges and his nights devoted to JRPGs.


  1. Saturday morning podcast? I’ll take it!

  2. Not up on itunes yet. What’s going on?!?

  3. Hooshit, codec intro! Nice guys.

  4. Great intro guys. So just Blu and Des this week? Where’s Samurage? Kidnapped by Sektor?

  5. Epic fail. There’s no bee’s in EDF:AI 🙂

  6. I’m all for art books too, Blue!

    Sounds like you called the game Bowelheads, Deagle.

  7. Super Baseball 2020 was waht you were thinking about.

    Ken Griffey, Jr. Presents Major League Baseball!!!

  8. Only an hour this week? What’s going on!?!

  9. I get it, all the music is from games that start with a “B”. What do I win?!?

  10. Interest in a Bloodrayne game increasing. Nice interview.

  11. I like the music this week. Especially the last song, which is pure craziness.


  12. Only an hour show, but it was great. Nice energy. Good job on number two, Blue!

    • Thank you very much! ^_^

      It would have been longer had my connection not dropped out right in the middle of recording. We were about 20 minutes in, too. >_<

  13. it was Rash, Zitz and Pimple not WARTS! WTF!?!

  14. Downloading Try Not to Fart right now.

  15. I thought with just two the show would be a dud. Not true at all. Great one!

  16. MLB 11 The Show is the best baseball game.

  17. Dishonest Mistake

    Based Loaded for the NES.

  18. ugh.. PDF manuals.. that’s terrible.

  19. downloading now, I’ll listening in the HP line.

  20. Oh, I forgot to say, I’m listening now. Great show. Liked the intro sketch/theme.

  21. I laughed so hard at the Try Not to Fart talk that a small one squeaked out. IN REAL LIFE.

    How the hell did you do that?

  22. I like Blue trivia turrette’s outburst. He takes that shit SERIOUS.

  23. I really liked the intro song.

    Nice work, Deagle and Blue.

  24. Sounds like Blue’s like Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon while Desert’s game is MLB Bobblehead Pros. Of course, going to a all-expense paid baseball game doesn’t hurt.

    • I did like EDF:IA more the Bobblehead Pros. It’s not that I don’t like a good baseball game, it’s just that I don’t like how blatantly Konami was nickle-and-dime-ing with MLB:BHP.

  25. Good show. Blue, why no chatter?

  26. Not a bad show at all. Miss Karnov, Sean, and Sage, though.

  27. is my gravitar more penis or vagina shaped?

  28. Great show. Haven’t listened in a while, but that’s going to change now.

  29. I’m still surprised more gaming podcasts haven’t copied your trivia segment.

    Bloodrayne interview was cool, but a bit too short.

  30. Can you post the 3DS e-shop games as well?

  31. Woah!! Somehow my tech-gaming name got linked to my gravatar from my blog…how’d that happen…… [Mystified]

  32. Great energy for a two man show. Deagle and Blue seem to get along really well.

  33. Deagle, what do you have against the French?!?!

  34. Just how long do I have to wait to hear Sage again? It’s been nearly a month. Don’t make me pull a fatality on your itunes review score 😉

  35. Yep, I think a new podcast is due!