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First Look at Bleach: Soul Resurreccion

For better or worse, Bleach: Soul Resurrección will inevitably be compared to the Dynasty Warriors franchise, when NIS America publishes the PS3 title this summer. With hordes of low-level hollows effortlessly defeated through simple button combos and devastating musuo-like attacks, there is an irrefutable  similarity between the games. Yet, with a handful of mechanics borrowed from other games, Bleach’s combat is consistently gratifying.

Arguably, the title’s infinite dash is one of the most rewarding additions. This ability allows players to sprint across the landscape, rupturing resource-hiding objects and enemies alike. Another pleasing nuance ability is Soul Resurrección‘s varied roster of playable characters- each having their own distinctive play style. Whereas Ichigo Kurosaki’s favors the melee-oriented zanpakuto swords, Uryū Ishida prefers the long-ranged, projectile attacks of the Lone Sparrow. Unlike similar titles, each of the twenty-one members of Bleach‘s cast controls quite differently, requiring a mastery of different techniques. Complementing the dash attack, the game’s tempo feels agreeably hasty, recalling the frantic conflicts found in Devil May Cry.

While the game’s combat may initiate a few newcomers to the substitute Soul Reaper’s exploits, hardcore Bleach fans will surely appreciate Soul Resurrección’s attention to detail. From landscapes and enemies which like they were torn right out of the anime to a plotline which captures the supernatural intrigue and characterization of the source material. This summer, players will discover if Bleach: Soul Resurrección becomes one of the few anime-based games to truly deliver on its potential. Watch our play-though of the first level of the game to get a small taste of what NIS America has in store for gamers.

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  1. Damn, Deagle you are the Dynasty Warriors-pushing guru.

  2. Looks liek the sprint/dash thing from Vanquish.

  3. A B? Damn, Deagle, I’d be ashamed of that score if I was you.

    That was you playing, right?

  4. I dunno the level looked pretty plain and seemed linear from what I could see in the minimap.

  5. Is this still on Adult Swim? I used to like it, much better than Naruto!

  6. where are the character transformations?

  7. where are the character transformations?

  8. Whats the exact release date? I heard August 3rd…

    Looks cool, but I wonder if it will be too easy. Except for the bosses you barely got hit.

  9. Could be cool.

  10. Previews are always optomistic. I bet the full game will be weak.

  11. Wait, there’s only 15 character slots on NIS site.

  12. After reading about a dozen volumes of the Bleach manga over the last month, I was all pumped to play this, and then I saw “the PS3 title”. Disappointing.

    Would it kill NIS America to do a multiplatform game once in a blue moon?

    • Well, a 360 version would be nice, but I doubt they make one for all 17 Japanese 360 owners 😉

    • wacksonwacksoff

      Have they done a disk game for the 360?

      Like it’s been said I still think the 360 is minor in Japan and only really niche games (like shmups- think Deathsmiles) get made for it.

  13. A castle? No, it’s a..palace.

    Bad dialog if you ask me. Game looks kind of fun, though.

  14. Looks pretty fun. I might pick this up, but not at full price.

  15. Fearless Bystander

    video looked kind of meh.

  16. I hope they make a kekkaishi game cuz that show is raw

  17. Intelligent Zombie

    As a Bleach fan I’m looking forward to this. Looks kind of crazy. Can you post more video, Deagle?

  18. Game look pretty hot. I might have to grab this one!

  19. Ive just been watching some older Madhouse stuff this week (Di Gi Charat, Trigun) we need some games for those. I know Deagle would like Dejiko!

  20. Thanks, Deagle happy forth.

  21. Blankas Electric Anus

    Looks like it might be fun. One question- when did NIS care about action games?

  22. Reminds me I need to finish those Bleach manga I bought a while back. Really liked it, but got bogged down this other things.

  23. Reminds me I need to finish those Bleach manga I bought a while back. Really liked it, but got bogged down this other things.

  24. Looks like August 2nd or 3rd is when this is coming out.

  25. Looks pretty crazy. I may have to get this.

  26. boring……

  27. It’s about time someone brought over a bleach game for consoles.

  28. You guys posted over the 4th of July weekend? Wow, Deagle that’s dedication!

  29. I need to watch some of the amine again. It’s been years since I saw a episode.

  30. More like Blah…