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Birthdays the Beginning review

Birthdays the Beginning might not be what you are expecting. While screenshots flaunt a menagerie of adorable, polygonal animals and the game’s pedigree reveals that it was designed by Harvest Moon creator Yasuhiro Wada, gameplay ...

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Neo Atlas 1469 review

Exploration and expansionism have been at the very core of gaming’s best efforts, propelling the Civilization, Age of Empires, and Age of Wonders franchises to critical and commercial success. These two activities, along with the ...

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Planet Coaster review

Brand recognition alone can’t always stave off competition. Take the case of the 2013 reboot of SimCity, a half-hearted attempt to reinvigorate Electronic Art’s beloved city building franchise. Built upon an “always-online” framework, the title ...

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Just Deserts review

What is the concept? With a single protagonist able to simultaneously woo several perpetually eager characters, it’s understandable that dating sims are often dismissed as male fantasy. Recent Steam release Just Deserts does little to ...

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Unholy Heights review

Seemingly bored from his role as a salaryman, the devil decides to become a manager at an apartment complex for monsters in Unholy Heights. Sure, it’s an unusual vocational shift, and it’s also the basis ...

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