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DiscStorm Review

DiscStorm (1)

Videogames often allow us to mirror sporting events without conforming to real world limitations. We’ve seen this time again with classics ranging from Super Dodge Ball to NBA Jam and Super Mario Strikers. With all ...

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Amnesia: Memories review

Amnesia Memories (1)

In Japan, the visual novel has a rich, thirty-year history, with the medium’s success stimulating an assortment of sub-genres. But beyond the possible exception of the 1994 Sega CD release of Hideo Kojima’s Snatcher, VNs ...

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Japanese Rail Sim 3D review

Japanese Rail Sim 3D (1)

As a habitual rail commuter, I’ve grown accustomed to setbacks. Regularly, the morning train is at least ten minutes behind schedule. Other times, the locomotive careens past its designated stopping point, forcing the train to ...

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RymdResa review

RymdResa (1)

Roguelikes along with platformers, have become a genre of choice for your average indie developer. This focus on categories abandoned by the AAA industry allows smaller developers to carve a niche for themselves without having ...

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XBlaze Lost: Memories review

Xblaze Lost Memories

A hero’s journey to the underworld is ubiquitous in narrative tradition. As far back as the third century B.C., the Argonautica detailed Orpheus’ decent to rescue Eurydice, returning his beloved wife to the world of ...

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Funk of Titans (PC) review

Funk of Titans (1)

In recent years, endless runners gained a recent surge in popularity largely stemming from the rise in mobile games. Though the genre can be traced as far back as classics like Moon Patrol, it’s fair ...

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Nom Nom Galaxy review

Nom Nom Galaxy (1)

Soup might just be the one of the most synergistic foods around, with a final product that’s typically greater than the sum of its individual parts. The culinary concoction is also an ideal point of ...

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