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Podcast 12-8: Together, We Fight Onward

Podcast 12-8 Together We Fight OnwardBeyond gratuitous nostalgia centering on MECC’s Lake Odell, this week the crew offers impressions of Injustice: Gods Among Us, Epoch, Guacamelee!, Double Dragon II: Wander of Dragons, BattleBlock Theater, and Let’s Fish! Hooked On. Additionally, we welcome Wired Production’s Leo Zullo, who is on hand to discussion eJay Pure before delivering our customary dose of gaming trivia and responses to reader mail.

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Show Notes
0:01 Impressions
1:12 Interview, Leo Zullo from Wired Productions
1:32 Trivia
1:47 Reader mail
2:05 Send Us Off, Sailor Blue

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About Robert Allen

With over 35 years of gaming experience, Robert 'DesertEagle' Allen is Tech-Gaming's resident worrier/warrior who spends his days teaching at three colleges and his nights devoted to JRPGs.


  1. It’s about time you guys give us a new podcast.

  2. No Indie Outlook this week? What happened?

    Who knew Master Chief had such skinny calves?

    • Say just finished the campaign for J.U.L.I.A. and Ive been so busy I didn’t have time to play any indies. I promise IndieOutlook will be included in the next show.

  3. LOL at this week’s picture. Love it.

    Lake Odell is before my time, guys.

  4. Spoilers—-

    No Sage or Sean NOLA. Blue is at the beginning but disappears. Scrubbing through the show I’d guess it’s 65% Jeremy and 35% Robert. As usual, they both talk but don’t really have a conversation.

  5. If you guys need more podcasters, I’ve love to try out for a gig. I’ve available in the evening and could talk your ear off about JRPGs. Plus, I’m fluent in Japanese.

    C’mon gimme a shot! If Wario64 can get hired by Gametrailers, I should be able to be part of the Tech-Gaming team.

    • Who and Why?

      I’m liking this week’s show. It’s just that Jeremy overtalks things a bit. Give us a Lake Odell mention, but you don’t have to go into the history.

      • He’s a guy those posts on GAF, CAG and Twitter. He’s pretty good at getting scoops. I’ve always wondered if he had a job because he is ALWAYS first to post on each forum.

        • Games Journalizm=hire tweeters and forum posters?

          I don’t like where this is going.

          • Did I mention his boss is the Dorito Pope?

          • Wario64 is much more than your average forum poster. He gets first-hand exclusive reveal before most of the news blogs.

            I once suspected that Wario was an established industry writer.

  6. Title sounds vaguely jrpg-ish. Downloading now- at a decent speed.

  7. Sound quality this week is really good. Miss Sage and BlueSwim, though.

    When will Sage be back? (Sniff!)

    • There’s definitely an inverse relationship between the number of people and the audio quality. Soon it will just be me doing a monologue and making penis jokes at myself.

      The real answer is that our regular weekly schedules are sort of effed. Along with our Internets. 🙁

  8. What happened to Deagle’s crazy sim campaign?

    God, Double Dragon II: Wander of Dragons sounds awful. Absolutely horrid. And yes, having Dragon in the title twice makes it sound like parody.

    • Ugh, I totally forgot to hold him to the sim thing. I guess we’ll have to be happy with crazy fishing.

      • Not happy. Farming Sim or else.

        I’ve noticed both Deagle and Jeremy are at their best when describing really intricate things. Guacamelee isn’t intricate but hearing you guys talk about the combat system was my favorite part of the show.

  9. Midnight Beatdown

    The “crew” seems to be getting smaller and smaller. Two man show is allright, but since you don’t put out a show every week, I don’t see why you couldn’t have everyone on.

  10. Great show this week, guys. I like the team of Robert and Jeremy.

  11. Robert talks shit about Giant Bomb and D-toid in Guacamelee, but I get if there was a Tech-Gaming ad, he’s be raving about the game.

    • How would you feel about seeing a film critic having a cameo in the film?

      • An even bigger example was IGN’s name of Forza Horizon’s car packs. Yet, no one seemed to complaint or notice. I guess IGN’s ethics are so loose now, no one is surprised anymore.

        • If it lowered the price of the DLC, I would mind if it was Lucifer’s Hot Rod pack.

          But it didn’t.

  12. Don’t miss the end guys. That and Deagle’s tostada joke were the only two laughs this week.

  13. Went to the eJay site and say a place for Free Downloads. I downloaded Dance 6 and it wanted my email address. Gave it to them and all I got was a 7 day trial. Clicked on ‘buy’ just to see how much it would be and it seems you can even buy eJay from the site.


  14. Good interview, Deagle.

  15. I’ve played Oregon Trail but never Odell Lake. Is there a legitimate way to buy it?

  16. Legitimate? No. “Virtual Apple 2 Odell Lake I’m Feeling Lucky”? Yes.