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Dishonored Review

Save for Pierce Brosnan’s farcical depiction of a melancholic, middle-aged hit-man in The Matador, media routinely romanticizes the assassin. From Chow Yun-Fat’s debonair, yet doting, gun for hire in The Killer to the exploits of ...

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Retro City Rampage Review

The game industry is no stranger to the oxymoron. From the endurance of the Final Fantasy franchise, the amount of wholly original content in New Super Mario Bros. 2, to control schemes which provide only ...

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Dead or Alive 5 Review

Following Tomonobu Itagaki’s departure from Team NINJA in 2008, the Toyko-based development team has irrefutably struggled. From the superfluous changes and reduction of viscera made to Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 as well as the critical ...

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Sonic Adventure 2 HD Review

Eleven years ago, Sonic Adventure 2 was a divisive game. It was a turning point in the series, when a lot of fans started to write the series off. It’s often considered the beginning of ...

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New Little King’s Story Review

It’s hardly surprising that 2009’s Little King’s Story was a critical darling. As a clever amalgam of kingdom simulation, real-time strategy, and light role-playing elements, the game stands as one of the better third party ...

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NBA 2K13 Review

Although feature creep is a frequent phenomenon for long-running sport franchises, the preseason prognosis for NBA 2k13 seemed slightly distressing. From the addition of a celebrity team driven by the abnormally proportioned likenesses of Justin ...

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FIFA Soccer 13 PS Vita Review

One of the unexpected surprises of the PS Vita launch library was FIFA Soccer. Flaunting the capabilities of Sony’s new portable, the title mimicked most of the fundamentals of its console brethren, extending an invigorating ...

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FIFA Soccer 13 Review

Perfection is a funny thing. For a sports franchise, flawlessness is a fool’s errand. While each annual iteration attempts to mend the blemishes of its predecessor, new features often usher in a collection of unforeseen ...

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PS2 Classic- La Pucelle: Tactics Review

What is the concept? Hoping to duplicate the unanticipated success of 2003’s Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, publisher Mastiff swiftly secured the rights to Nippon Ichi’s previous game. Released stateside the subsequent year, La Pucelle: Tactics ...

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