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Human: Fall Flat review

Human Fall Flat (1)

Steam has a slew of pseudo-simulations, which all follow a specific concept. Combine a schedule of mundane tasks with an overly awkward control scheme, and watch as the hilarity ensues. At least that’s what the ...

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10 Second Ninja X review

10 Second Ninja X (1)

Occasionally older brothers offer serendipitous nuggets of wisdom. As a kid, a friend’s elder sibling was listening to Mötley Crüe’s “Ten Seconds to Love”, a boisterous anthem about intercourse in an elevator. To demonstrate his ...

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Muv-Luv review


Delve into the recent Steam release of Muv-Luv and you won’t immediately understand why the 2003 visual novel is often considered one of the medium’s most prodigious efforts. Split into two parts, this Steam release ...

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Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late review

Under Night In-Birth Exe Late (1)

As the American arcade steadily faded from the recreational landscape, fighting games migrated to dedicated hardware. Consoles, and later portables, offered an outlet for pugilism that would endure for generations of hardware. But steadily, a ...

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Super Mutant Alien Assault review

Super Mutant Alien Assault  (1)

Progress, as the old adage states, doesn’t take place in a vacuum. Impressionism wasn’t the innovation of a single painter, but a group of interconnected artists riffing off each other’s techniques and styles, gradually advancing ...

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Lost Sea review

Lost Sea (1)

As the game’s moniker indicates, Lost Sea’s protagonist is marooned on a cluster of islands located near the Bermuda Triangle. After choosing from one of eight character skins, players begin their journey across the sprawling ...

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Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII review

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII (1)

For the media savvy, there’s a strong chance of familiarity with Luo Guanzhong’s fourteenth-century historical novel, Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Thanks to Koei-Tecmo’s prolific Dynasty Warriors franchise, John Woo’s 2008 film, Red Cliff, and ...

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Megadimension Neptunia VII (PC) review

Megadimension Neptunia VII (1)

Not long ago, message boards were proclaiming that the death of the Japanese role-playing game was imminent. Stagnancy seemed to be the genre’s unassailable final boss, and developers had run out of creativity-restoring potions. But ...

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Karakara review


Often it’s the attractive full-screen images known as CGs (for Computer Graphics) which attracts an audience toward a visual novel. But arguably, it’s the narrative that faces a tougher job- with exposition and dialog tasked ...

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