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Total War ATTILA review

Total War ATTILA (1)

Creative Assembly has become a staple in the world of grand strategy games through their Total War series. The game’s mix of historically accurate Civilization-like strategy with tactical RTS battles allowed Creative Assembly carve its own market niche, one which ...

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Hand of Fate review

Hand of Fate (1)

Since their inception, games have struggled to offer a seamless simulation of reality. Visual representation has evolved from blobs of blocky pixels to near photorealism, while audio has advanced from simple chirps into convincing, multi-channeled high-fidelity soundscapes. Likewise, input schemes ...

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Castle in the Darkness review

Castle in the Darkness (1)

The U.S. release of the Nintendo Entertainment System during the late ‘80s marked a significant paradigm shift for the gaming industry. With American console manufacturers like Atari, Mattel, Coleco, and Magnavox still reeling from the video game crash of 1983, ...

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Dying Light review

Dying Light (1)

Robert’s take: After infiltrating a quarantine zone to uncover the cause of a pestilent outbreak, protagonist Kyle Crane demonstrates a dexterous command of parkour while traversing the region. From scampering across lofty, patchwork rooftops to springboarding off the shoulders of ...

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Tristoy review

Tristoy (1)

Over the last decade, indie games have seen an unprecedented growth in both demand and popularity. This is partly due to the fact independent software houses are more likely to take risks, either by reviving old genres thought to unprofitable ...

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Blackguards 2 review

Blackguards 2 (1)

Last month I previewed Daedalic Entertainment’s Blackguards 2, and though it had potential, the game sadly didn’t win me over. Now, a few weeks after this tactical RPG’s launch, I can safely say my opinion has changed quite a bit. ...

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HuniePop review

HuniePop (1)

One of the ironies of dating sims is that they rarely simulate the complexities of courtship. Routinely, players study the specifics of a potential partner’s personality, before they make decisions based on an anticipated outcome. As such, the depiction of ...

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Alphadia Genesis review

Alphadia Genesis (1)

If the role-playing output of Square-Enix, Atlus is akin to blockbuster theatrical films, then Kemco’s titles are the direct-to-video offerings of the interactive world. You don’t pick up one expecting dazzling CG-fueled cinematics, technical innovation, or even a revolutionary plotline.  ...

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Winged Sakura: Mindy’s Arc review

Winged Sakura Mindy’s Arc (1)

Much like a respectable bottle of riesling, or Guile’s Theme from Street Fighter II, role-playing mechanics can complement almost everything. A good example of this axiom was found in Defender’s Quest: Valley of the Forgotten. An otherwise conventional entry in ...

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The Marvellous Miss Take review

The Marvellous Miss Take

Although the stealth-based games can offer remarkably intense, controlling-clenching experiences, too often the genre can become mired in the militaristic or macho. Sure, there’s no denying that the Metal Gear, Splinter Cell, Hitman, and Tenchu franchises aren’t absurdly fun, but ...

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