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A Magical High School Girl review


Players with even a fleeting familiarity with Rogue-likes have probably experienced the mechanics of the prolific Mystery Dungeon series. Conceived by Dragon Quest co-creator Koichi Nakamura, each entry sends players into procedurally-generated levels where they ...

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Planet Coaster review


Brand recognition alone can’t always stave off competition. Take the case of the 2013 reboot of SimCity, a half-hearted attempt to reinvigorate Electronic Art’s beloved city building franchise. Built upon an “always-online” framework, the title ...

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Japanese School Life review


You can buy Japanese School Life from the Steam store for ten dollars- but quite likely, the purchase will spur a significantly larger expense. Whether you make an annual journey to Japan, or have always ...

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Super Dungeon Bros review


One of the qualities that makes video game distinctive is their iterative nature. Quite often, developers unabashedly draw from successful titles, offering just enough digression to hold off the lawyers. Such is the case with ...

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Killing Floor 2 review


Some say the key to success is specialization. With the release of Killing Floor 2, developer Tripwire Interactive seems committed to that prudent adage. When the Roswell, Georgia-based studio released the original Killing Floor mod ...

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Enigma: review


For decades, the interactive entertainment industry has entranced us with action games. From the phosphorescent glow of Phoenix’s belligerent birds and Dig Dug’s feisty Fygars to the thrill of a long-range, un-scoped head shot in ...

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Ittle Dew 2 review


1986’s The Legend of Zelda established one of gaming’s essential formulas, where a succession of puzzle-filled dungeons steadily supplied the tools that players would need to advance. At its core, Zelda (and Metroid, which contextualized ...

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Trillion: God of Destruction (PC) review

Trillion Header

While overlooked by scientists, the tenets of Darwinism have slowly crept into video games. In real life, numerous insects have developed a resistance toward pesticide, or as Cope’s Rule suggests- a collection of different species ...

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Xanadu Next review


Xanadu Next’s narrative economy is evidenced across the game’s prologue. Here, players find a trio of characters, making their way across a massive lake shrouded in thick fog. Exposition is mostly handled by a boatman ...

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