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Samurai Warriors 4-II review

Samurai Warriors 4-II (3)

Omega Force’s musou games have a contentious reputation, with critics and consumers often finding fault in the repetition of combat, a rigid adherence to formula, and the excessive frequency of release. While the latter culpability ...

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Warhammer 40K: Regicide review

Warhammer 40K Regicide (1)

Upon hearing the next Warhammer 40K title was going to be chess game, fans voices their concerns, feeling this scope would be too limited for a universe as grandiose as that of Games Workshop’s popular ...

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Arcana Heart 3 LOVE MAX!!!!! review

Arcana Heart 3 Love Max (1)

In 1991, Capcom released Street Fighter II: The World Warrior, forming an indelible blueprint for fighting games. Teeming with innovation, many of the game’s mechanics became convention, bequeathing elaborate combos, an intricate multi-button input system, ...

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Eschatos review

Eschatos (1)

During the Xbox 360’s reign, Microsoft was only able to shift about 1.6 million consoles in Japan, a small fraction of the unit’s nearly eighty million worldwide sales. But despite the middling numbers, Japanese developers ...

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Skyshine’s Bedlam review

Skyshine's Bedlam (6)

Oh, dystopia what has become of thee? Once you were a misanthropic metaphor for humanity, a place teeming with unremitting savagery, offering only the faintest glint of hope. But gaming has transformed dystopia into a ...

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The Future of 20XX

20xx (1)

It’s interesting to think how ten years ago Megaman fans were suffering from franchise fatigue as Capcom kept releasing title after title starring the famous blue bomber. Yet, today this mascot is relegated to little ...

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Armello review

Armello (1)

Anthropomorphic animals have long been a favored tool for many story-tellers. Their impact stretches as far back as classic fables and influential literature, having gained special prominence with the advent of modern media animation. Yet, ...

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Scaling Valhalla Hills

Valhalla Hills (1)

Games have taught us three things about the Vikings: they were ferocious fighters, passionate mead drinkers, and were only mildly industrious. The Early Access release of Funatics Software’s Valhalla Hills confirms these purported characteristics, extended ...

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Act Of Aggression Review

Act of Aggression (1)

There was a time when real-time strategy games ruled the PC gaming landscape along with first person shooters. Back then, players were treated to a new offering almost every week, from obscure releases like Total ...

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