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Shooting Stars review

Shooting Stars (1)

Shooting Stars makes me feel like a 90 year-old who has ventured onto the internet for the first time. The game’s pixelated visuals do a convincing job of mimicking the decline of visual acuity. The ...

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Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak review

Homeworld Deserts of Kharak (1)

For years the Homeworld franchise laid dormant, its engaging gameplay, beautifully immersive visuals and intriguing lore abandoned after just two games and one spin-off. For nearly a decade diehard fans clung to hope that a ...

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Strawberry Vinegar review

Strawberry Vinegar (1)

Like many situation comedies, Strawberry Vinegar’s tranquil suburban setting offers a context for the peculiar. The tale’s opening moments introduces readers to Sakuraba Rie, an articulate school girl with little interest in maintaining a social ...

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Without Within 2 review

Without Within 2 (1)

What is the concept? Famed director and screenwriter Federico Fellini once stated that all art is self-portrayal- the lustrous pearl is the autobiography of the ordinary oyster. Undoubtedly, the splendor of self-reflection was the virtue ...

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Tharsis review

Tharsis (1)

Undoubtedly, Tharsis is a novel concept, extending a simulation within a simulation. On one level, the game articulates the story of the ill-fated Iktomi, the vessel tasked with the first manned mission to Mars. Midway ...

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Sora review

Sora Header

Saving a war-torn world from the brink of obliteration is hardly a new impetus for the industry. But when salvation means battling bulky robots and evading deadly missiles, the efforts have traditionally been led by ...

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Reverse x Reverse review

Reverse x Reverse header

Twice a year, over a half million otaku converge on the Tokyo Big Sight convention center for Comiket, the world’s largest dōjinshi fair. While manga, music, light novels, and handicraft undoubtedly dominate the show, navigate ...

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Netgear Nighthawk X6 R8000 review

Nightgaear Nighthawk X6 (1)

When we called the Nighthawk X8 “the Ferrari of routers”, the statement wasn’t just frivolous flattery. The comparison also meant most owners would never see the top speeds exhibited by the premium-priced device. Given the ...

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Clannad review

Clannad (1)

There’s good reason why Clannad remains relevant nearly eleven years after its original release- the visual novel’s emotionally charged plot has lost none of its impact during the interval. What begins as an unassuming high ...

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