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Super Mario 3D World Review

Super Mario 3D World (1)

In an attempt to reinvigorate the market after the video game crash of the early ‘80s, Nintendo began exhibiting their then-unreleased Nintendo Entertainment System (or NES) across department stores in select cities such as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and ...

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Wii Fit U Review

Wii Fit U (1)

The original Wii Fit couldn’t have arrived at a better time. Preceding the title’s 2008 release, disparagers were lobbing video games down the slippery slope, claiming that the pastime contributed to a sedentary lifestyle, which in turn led to obesity. ...

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Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures Review

Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures (1)

Amidst the twilight of the past millennium, the three-dimensional, mascot-driven platformer was undoubtedly the genre du jour. It was an age when personalities such as Bubsy, Gex, Rayman, and Mario made the leap from sprites to polygons, while a throng ...

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Indigo Flow- Sonic: Lost World Review

Sonic Lost World (1)

Mirroring the predisposition of the blue hedgehog, Sonic Team is rarely at rest. Ever since 1998’s Sonic Adventure, the Tokyo-based studio has obsessively tweaked their formula- striving to provide the perfect polygonal home for a protagonist with a distinctly 2D ...

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Skylanders Swap Force Review

Skylanders Swap Force (2)

When Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure was released in 2011, the fusion of video game, figurine, and near-field communication (or NFC) was undeniably revolutionary.  Although pre-existing interactive franchises such as the LEGO or Bakugan titles had drawn inspiration from toys, these games ...

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Wipeout: Create & Crash Review

Wipeout Create & Crash Review (6)

Wipeout just isn’t the name of ABC’s popular television program- the moniker is also an apt description of the 2011 tie-in game. As a game, Wipeout: In the Zone for the Xbox 360 was a nothing short of a  flagrant ...

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The Wonderful 101 Review

The Wonderful 101 (1)

Full disclosure: I’m an unapologetic fan of Hideki Kamiya. Not only is the director responsible for seminal action titles such as Bayonetta, Viewtiful Joe, and Devil May Cry, but Kamiya-san is also uncharacteristically outspoken, sporadically taking well-deserved digs at the ...

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Rayman Legends Review: Limbless Potential

Rayman Legends (1)

When the original Rayman was released in 1995, the title defied convention. The game’s sprite-based, hop-and-bop action diverged from the three-dimensional fighters, shooters, and racers which dominated the PlayStation’s launch library. Nearly two decades later, franchise director Michel Ancel is ...

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Disney Infinity Review

Disney Infinity (1)

Although reputation is important for any publisher, for the Walt Disney Company- it’s imperative. As one of the largest transnational multimedia firms in the world, the corporation has cultivated its empire by crafting consistently top class, family-friendly, entertainment. Yet, Disney’s ...

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DuckTales Remastered Review

DuckTales Remastered (1)

What is the concept? When the original DuckTales was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1989, the title went on to become Capcom’s biggest hit for the console, selling over 1.6 million copies across the North American, European, and ...

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