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New Game Releases: July 25th-31st, 2014

The Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky Art

While Fall and Spring are usually known as the transitional seasons, the latest batch of mid- Summer releases demonstrates an unusually high number of changes across platforms. PC indie Rogue Legacy offers a simultaneous release across all three Sony’s systems ...

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New Game Releases: July 18th-24th, 2014

Oddworld New n Tasty

Traditionally, the summer months are a scarce time for console releases, and this year is no exception, with only a handful of titles designed for dedicated hardware. Fortunately, things aren’t quite as dismal in the PC camp, where indie developers ...

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New Game Releases: July 11th-17th, 2014

Shantae Header

While new releases might be scarce on consoles, the schedule of second-hand titles for PC continues strong. Originally a 3DS and then iOS title, Shantae: Risky’s Revenge moves onto Steam while adding enough features to justify the “Director’s Cut” designator. ...

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New Game Releases: July 4th-10th, 2014

One Piece Unlimited World Red  (1)

From a Bomberman clone with a moniker that pushes the E10+ envelope to MouseCraft’s deft fusion of Lemmings and Tetris, this week’s inventory of new releases offers plenty of eccentric titles. PC players will have a pick of a number ...

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New Game Releases: June 27th-July 3rd, 2014

Sniper Elite 3

Lock and load! This week’s itinerary of new releases offers a number of remarkable titles. From the integration of two new levels and bosses in Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition, the retro-inspired charms of Shovel Knight, to Karl Fairburne’s second ...

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New Game Releases: June 20th-26th, 2014

XBlaze Code Embryo (1)

From a role-playing game built for the PSP (End of Serenity) to a visual novel that’s set 150 years before the events in BlazBlue (XBlaze Code: Embryo), this week’s roster of new releases offers a number of intriguing titles and ...

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New Game Releases: June 13th-19th, 2014

Battle Princess of Arcadias (0)

With most of the industry recovering from the four-day deluge of games known as E3, this week offers up a quantity of conventional titles. Beyond Electronic Art’s simulation of mixed martial arts in EA Sports UFC, a solid stable of ...

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New Game Releases: June 6th-12th, 2014

1001 Spikes

Two things will be dominating the industry this week: 1) the 2014 Electronic Entertainment Expo and 2) the interactive adaptation of How to Train Your Dragon 2. Given the incursion of a giant as well as flying, fire-breathing beasts, this ...

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New Game Releases: May 30th-June 5th, 2014

Mario Kart 8 (1)

With titles such as Mario Kart 8, Klonoa: Empire of Dreams, and Mega Man Xtreme 2 due, this week’s list of releases offers a number of familiar franchises. Most remarkable is the number of new properties, from Nintendo’s Tomodachi Life, ...

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New Game Releases: May 23rd-29th, 2014

Watch Dogs

From the long-await release of Watch Dogs across five different platforms (yeah!), Sly Cooper’s journey to PS Vita screens (woo-hoo!) to Ace Combat’s transformation into a free-to-play series (ugh!) this week’s roster of new releases uncovers a number of notable ...

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