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New Game Releases: May 21st-27th, 2015

Always the Same Blue Sky

From guiding Chell through Aperture Science’s testing facilities in Portal Pinball to the release of gaming’s original Earth Defense Force- 1992’s Super Nintendo shmup, Super E.D.F, this week’s releases offer a number of references to gaming’s recent and antiquated past. ...

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New Game Releases: May 14th-20th, 2015

Hyperdimension Neptunia U Action Unleashed header

From the return of everyone’s favorite outcast, the Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt to a reappearance by the beloved Gaming Goddesses in a Hyperdimension Neptunia release, role-playing fans have a week to look forward to. Fans of ...

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New Game Releases: May 7th-13, 2015

Final Fantasy XX-2 HD Remaster

Derivative eShop titles are nothing new. We’ve seen a clone of a clone of a clone with 2048, Minecraft knockoffs Cube Creator 3D and Battle Miner, and of course Angry Bunnies from Slovakia-based developer Cypronia, creator of…Cake Ninja. This week ...

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New Game Releases: April 30th-May 6th, 2015

Wolfenstein The Old Blood  (1)

From Paper Mario, the beloved plumber’s second foray into the realm role-playing to B.J. Blazkowicz’ Nazi-blasting return in Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, this week’s schedule of new releases offers a homecoming for cherished characters. Similarly, amiibo tap: Nintendo’s Greatest Bits ...

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New Game Releases: April 23rd-29th, 2015

Omega Quintet

Strangely, it’s a big week for games about bodily fluids. Whether players are racing to fertilize the egg in Spermination (do contraceptives play the role of enemies?) or just moving mucus around in the 2D platformer, Flem, we wonder if ...

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New Game Releases: April 16th-22nd, 2015

Sayonara Umihara Kawase Vita

From Shovel Knight, Joe Danger and even Donkey Kong, familiar faces fill this week’s schedule of new releases. Luckily, for those yearning for novelty, there are a few titles offering freshness- whether through the two new premium games to hit ...

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New Game Releases: April 9th-15th, 2015

Xenoblade Chronicles 3D

From WarioWare: Touched! and Yoshi Touch & Go’s transition onto the Wii U Gamepad, Scorpion, Sub-Zero and the usual cast of eccentrics in Mortal Kombat X, as well as the appearance of Xenoblade Chronicles on New 3DS screens, is seems ...

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New Game Releases: April 2nd-8th, 2015

Etrian Mystery Dungeon

The gap between PC and consoles continues to shirk, with the appearance of Aaru’s Awakening, Tower of Guns, Bastion, and even Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures making their pilgrimage to dedicated hardware. Fortunately, for portable owning Stream stalwarts, there are ...

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New Game Releases: March 26th-April 1st, 2015

Toukiden Kiwami

For the last few years, digital downloads have altered the traditional pricing model for console games, often offering shorter experiences at a reduced price. With the release of two free titles this week, that trend has finally reached fruition. Forza ...

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