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Skylanders BattleCast review

Signs of ailment are evident across the Toys-to-Life genre. Next month, the ironically named Disney Infinity will cease production, after purported enjoying a substantial sales lead over the LEGO Dimensions and Skylanders franchises. Even Activision’s ...

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X-Tactics review

While there’s a healthy supply of solid turn-based strategy games for dedicated handhelds, Android and iOS users aren’t quite as lucky. A few titles like XCOM and Final Fantasy Tactics have attempted to make the ...

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Gamevice review

When Apple announced official controller support for iOS 7, many assumed that the era of uncooperative control schemes was coming to an end. While the iPod, iPhone, and iPad were great for games designed around ...

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Splendor (iOS) review

There’s no doubt that board games can be a catalyst for wonderfully congenial experiences. Some of my fondest memories revolve around spirited table-top gatherings that have endured into the morning hours. But rounding up a ...

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Sproggiwood review

Over the last decade, indie developers have become increasingly enraptured by the Rogue-like. From turn-based descendants like Paper Dungeons and Quest of Dungeons or action-driven variants like Full Mojo Rampage or The Weaponographist, Rogue’s procedurally-generated ...

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Z: Steel Soldiers review

Although iOS/Android gaming doesn’t always earn the same level of respect given to consoles, portables, and PCs, the platforms do have one praiseworthy distinction. Increasingly, our phones and tablets are playing host to an increasing ...

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