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Stinkyboard Footboard Controller

Stinkyboard (1)

With the plethora of peripherals available to the gaming market, it’s no wonder so many of them get overlooked.  Some are superfluous, others are downright useless, and a good percentage of them are priced at a point that makes it ...

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Bloody ZL5A Gaming Mouse Review


Across the last decade, the gaming mouse industry has proliferated, providing PC owners with a myriad of choices. From the Razer Naga- a peripheral targeted at MMO players with nineteen programmable buttons to Logitech’s ergonomically-driven G500, there seems to be ...

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Bloody G501 7.1 Gaming Headset

Bloody G501 7.1 Gaming Headset (1)

For PC gamers with unrestrained budgets, the purchase of an Astro A-50 or Turtle Beach Seven headset can offer an unrivaled sonic experience. But for players who’d rather spend their disposable income on a high-end video card, a more economical ...

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Gioteck EX-06 Foldable Wireless Headset Review

Giotech EX-06 (5)

Across the last decade, a deluge of third-party accessory manufacturers have entered the console market, hoping their hardware will induce gamers to open their wallets. The tragic reality: while a growing number of these peripheral are adequate, there’s still a ...

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Wii Fit U Review

Wii Fit U (1)

The original Wii Fit couldn’t have arrived at a better time. Preceding the title’s 2008 release, disparagers were lobbing video games down the slippery slope, claiming that the pastime contributed to a sedentary lifestyle, which in turn led to obesity. ...

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Neo Geo X Mega Pack Volume 1 Review

Neo Geo Mega Pack Volume 1 (1)

Emulation is almost always a difficult task. When programmers attempt to deliver replications of cherished arcade games, expectations of pixel-perfect performance can add to the complication. Such was the case with the Neo Geo X. Although the standalone system was ...

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Neo Geo X Review

Neo Geo X (1)

Born amidst the era of the SEGA Genesis and Super Nintendo, SNK’s NeoGeo system seized the interest of two divergent groups. A coin-op model, the MVS (Multi Video System) proved to be a boon for arcade owners- allowing up six ...

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Tritton Kunai Universal Gaming Headset

Kunai (0)

Shopping for a premium headset is a fairly clear-cut task, with many high-end devices providing a comparable quality-to-cost ratio. However, when it comes to more economical headphones, things can get trickier. Budget priced peripherals often exhibit a broad range in ...

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Gioteck SC-1 Wireless Sports Controller Review

Gioteck SC-1 Header

The designation given to Gioteck’s PlayStation 3-compatible controller is a bit of misnomer. Moniker and marketing aside, the SC-1 Wireless Sports Controller is proficient during protracted sessions of FIFA Soccer 2013 or NHL 13 but is just as competent at ...

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