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SteelSeries Siberia P300 Headset review

SteelSeries Siberia P300 (1)

Over the past few years, there’s been a surge of headsets geared for console gamers. With the escalating amount of competition, manufacturers have employed a variety of claims to push their products, with assertions ranging ...

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Gamevice review

Gamevice (1)

When Apple announced official controller support for iOS 7, many assumed that the era of uncooperative control schemes was coming to an end. While the iPod, iPhone, and iPad were great for games designed around ...

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Nextbook Flexx 11 review

Nextbook Flexx 11 (0)

From blazing fast CPUs, discrete graphics processors, and SSD drives, high-end laptops have enjoyed a number of evolutionary elements across the last few years. But some of the most substantial changes in portable computing have ...

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Xbox One Intercooler review

Nyko Xbox One Intercooler  (1)

There are a number of rational reasons why console owners should be concerned with the running temperature of the hardware. Ever hear a console fan roar just as a game starts flaunting visual grandeur? Then ...

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Skullcandy SLYR Gaming Headset review

Skullcandy SLYR (1)

A massive, high-definition television is now a requisite purchase for most gamers. Such as acquisition allows for the appreciation of graphical fidelity created by contemporary consoles. Nearly as essential is the investment in a high-quality ...

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Elgato Game Capture HD 60 Review

Elgato Game Capture HD 60 (1)

From Amazon’s $970 million buyout of Twitch, the monumental rise of Let’s Play videos, as well as YouTube’s push toward sixty frame-per-second output, it’s clear that the ability to acquire high-definition video is becoming an ...

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Stinkyboard Footboard Controller

Stinkyboard (1)

With the plethora of peripherals available to the gaming market, it’s no wonder so many of them get overlooked.  Some are superfluous, others are downright useless, and a good percentage of them are priced at ...

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