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Bloody ZL5A Gaming Mouse Review


Across the last decade, the gaming mouse industry has proliferated, providing PC owners with a myriad of choices. From the Razer Naga- a peripheral targeted at MMO players with nineteen programmable buttons to Logitech’s ergonomically-driven G500, there seems to be ...

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Bloody G501 7.1 Gaming Headset

Bloody G501 7.1 Gaming Headset (1)

For PC gamers with unrestrained budgets, the purchase of an Astro A-50 or Turtle Beach Seven headset can offer an unrivaled sonic experience. But for players who’d rather spend their disposable income on a high-end video card, a more economical ...

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Gioteck EX-06 Foldable Wireless Headset Review

Giotech EX-06 (5)

Across the last decade, a deluge of third-party accessory manufacturers have entered the console market, hoping their hardware will induce gamers to open their wallets. The tragic reality: while a growing number of these peripheral are adequate, there’s still a ...

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Wii Fit U Review

Wii Fit U (1)

The original Wii Fit couldn’t have arrived at a better time. Preceding the title’s 2008 release, disparagers were lobbing video games down the slippery slope, claiming that the pastime contributed to a sedentary lifestyle, which in turn led to obesity. ...

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Neo Geo X Mega Pack Volume 1 Review

Neo Geo Mega Pack Volume 1 (1)

Emulation is almost always a difficult task. When programmers attempt to deliver replications of cherished arcade games, expectations of pixel-perfect performance can add to the complication. Such was the case with the Neo Geo X. Although the standalone system was ...

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Neo Geo X Review

Neo Geo X (1)

Born amidst the era of the SEGA Genesis and Super Nintendo, SNK’s NeoGeo system seized the interest of two divergent groups. A coin-op model, the MVS (Multi Video System) proved to be a boon for arcade owners- allowing up six ...

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Tritton Kunai Universal Gaming Headset

Kunai (0)

Shopping for a premium headset is a fairly clear-cut task, with many high-end devices providing a comparable quality-to-cost ratio. However, when it comes to more economical headphones, things can get trickier. Budget priced peripherals often exhibit a broad range in ...

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Gioteck SC-1 Wireless Sports Controller Review

Gioteck SC-1 Header

The designation given to Gioteck’s PlayStation 3-compatible controller is a bit of misnomer. Moniker and marketing aside, the SC-1 Wireless Sports Controller is proficient during protracted sessions of FIFA Soccer 2013 or NHL 13 but is just as competent at ...

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A4Tech Bloody Headshot Gaming Mouse Review

A4Tech Bloody Headshot Gaming Mouse (1)

Last March, we reviewed the Bloody Multi-Core Gun3 V7 gaming mouse, a peripheral that purported to improve accuracy in first-person shooters. Any doubts about the device’s claims were quickly diminished once we putted the mouse to the test. In execution, ...

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