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Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax review

Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax  (1)

Skepticism toward a fighting game with characters culled from other genres and mediums is perfectly natural. For every praiseworthy effort like Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, there seems to be an equal number of mediocre cash-ins ...

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Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance review

Disgaea 5 Alliance of Vengeance (1)

Seemingly, the Disgaea franchise has caught itself in Prinny-borne predicament. Nippon Ichi Software president Souhei Niikawa avowed to broaden the size of the strategy role-playing game’s audience. But attracting new fans is difficult without tampering ...

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Samurai Warriors 4-II review

Samurai Warriors 4-II (3)

Omega Force’s musou games have a contentious reputation, with critics and consumers often finding fault in the repetition of combat, a rigid adherence to formula, and the excessive frequency of release. While the latter culpability ...

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Warhammer 40K: Regicide review

Warhammer 40K Regicide (1)

Upon hearing the next Warhammer 40K title was going to be chess game, fans voiced their concerns, feeling this scope would be too limited for a universe as grandiose as that of Games Workshop’s popular ...

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Arcana Heart 3 LOVE MAX!!!!! review

Arcana Heart 3 Love Max (1)

In 1991, Capcom released Street Fighter II: The World Warrior, forming an indelible blueprint for fighting games. Teeming with innovation, many of the game’s mechanics became convention, bequeathing elaborate combos, an intricate multi-button input system, ...

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Eschatos review

Eschatos (1)

During the Xbox 360’s reign, Microsoft was only able to shift about 1.6 million consoles in Japan, a small fraction of the unit’s nearly eighty million worldwide sales. But despite the middling numbers, Japanese developers ...

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Solar Shifter EX review

Solar Shifter EX (1)

What is the concept? From Raiden’s snaking plasma-beam to Ikaruga’s polarity switching mechanic, any respectable shmup has a distinctive hook. For Solar Shifter EX, a recent PC release from the one-man studio behind Meridian: New ...

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Skylanders Superchargers review

Skylanders Superchargers (9)

In 2011, when developer Toys for Bob released Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure, the concept of fusing physical toys with video game was innovative. For many, being able to place a figurine on the bundled “Power of ...

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Persona 4: Dancing All Night review

Persona 4 Dancing All Night (1)

With early rhythm games, representation was obvious. Dance Dance Revolution duped players into boogying atop a set of neon-lit panels, mimicking the energetic gyrations found in dance clubs. Similarly, GuitarFreaks, DrumMania, and Keyboardmania simulated musical ...

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Skyshine’s Bedlam review

Skyshine's Bedlam (6)

Oh, dystopia what has become of thee? Once you were a misanthropic metaphor for humanity, a place teeming with unremitting savagery, offering only the faintest glint of hope. But gaming has transformed dystopia into a ...

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