Coppelion: The Complete Series review

Coppelion (1)

In media, the apocalyptic context is one of the most remarkable narrative stratagems to scrutinize humanity. Whether catastrophe occurs via George R. Romero’s infestation of zombies, Mad Max’s oil shortage and subsequent collapse of societal concord, or the environmental upheaval ...

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Chronicles of the Going Home Club Premium Edition

Chronicles of the Going Home Club (1)

Most anime follows a conventional narrative structure, with setup, conflict, and resolution occurring both within an episode, and often, across a larger story arc. But over time the traditional method becomes predictable and stale, thus giving birth to series which ...

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Sailor Moon Season 1 DVD review

Sailor Moon (1)

For anime aficionados, there are several significant works that serve as historical turning points for the medium. One early, essential exemplar is 1963’s Astro Boy, a title which boosted the global influence of Japanese animation. While not the country’s first ...

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The Eccentric Family Premium Edition review

The Eccentric Family (1)

Pundits argue that the medium of anime is teeming in trope. Yet that allegation could be leveled at the creative efforts of any culture; entertainment acts as a transmitter of social norms and practices. Certainly, the Western world has its ...

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Nyaruko: Crawling with Love! Season 2 review

Nyaruko Crawling with Love! Season 2 (1)

Popularized during the 1960’s, the high concept situation comedy juxtaposed the ordinary with the extraordinary. In theory, the technique was seemingly simple, taking one of more fantastical characters- such as the eponymous djinn of I Dream of Jeannie or Bewitched’s ...

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Cardcaptor Sakura: Premium Edition Review

Cardcaptor Sakura (0)

With Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal and Puella Magi Madoka Magica commanding sizeable stateside audiences, a growing number of viewers are discovering the merits of the magic girl genre. But anime aficionados will quickly point out that the mahō shōjo ...

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Toradora! The Complete Series, Premium Edition Review

Toradora (1)

As the overabundance of police procedurals and supernatural-themed teen lit have demonstrated in the West, a single success can spur an upsurge of copycats. Naturally, anime follows an equivalent route, with depictions of high-school romance just as ubiquitous as depictions ...

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