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Often referred to by his nickname "Blue", the upbeat Eric 'BlueSwim' joined Tech-Gaming as its fighting game, pro-wrestling, and Sailor Moon expert in 2011. Although his heart belongs to the classics of yesteryear, this jack-of-all-trades gamer doesn't shy away from playing the modern-day greats as well.

La-Mulana EX review

La Mulana EX (1)

Modern games in the style of those found on retro consoles are nothing new. Over the years, countless developers have looked to gain instant attraction to their games by designing them to look like the games potential players grew up ...

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BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Review

BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma (1)

After over two years, the BlazBlue series has finally returned. BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma (or BB:CP for short) is the latest in Arc System Works’ excellent 2-D fighting game franchise. Released just a few short months ago on PS3, the newest ...

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Can I Get an Amen, Too? A-Men 2 Review

A-Men 2 (1)

These are exciting times for gamers. Sony’s PlayStation 4 launched just over a week ago, becoming the first true “next-gen” console. On top of that, Microsoft’s Xbox One has been on store shelves for only a matter of hours. Understandably, ...

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WWE 2K14 Review

WWE 2K14 (1)

Last year’s WWE ’13 was a bitter disappointment for me. From the outside looking in, it had all of the pieces needed to be the best WWE game since the AKI Corporation-developed Nintendo 64 releases. However, in a Hardy Boyz-esque ...

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Real Boxing PS Vita Review

Real Boxing PS Vita (1)

It is often said that boxing is a dying sport. The popularity of Ultimate Fighting Championship, and mixed martial arts in-general, is on the rise, whereas boxing disappears from most people’s radars for months on-end, only to resurface for two ...

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Superfrog HD Review: To Amphibian and Beyond

Superfrog HD (1)

Robert’s Take: Although globalization has created a near-universal experience for gamers in the Western world, this wasn’t always the case. Mention the video game crash of the early eighties to a British thirty-something and you’re bound to get befuddled looks. ...

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Dead Or Alive 5 Plus Review

Dead Or Alive 5 Plus (1)

Timing is everything. Jumping in too early or late can change the entire experience. With last year’s console version of Dead Or Alive 5, I just wasn’t ready to give the overhauled DOA a try. The changes to the characters, ...

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Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus Review

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus (0)

Eric’s Take: Being the fighting game addict that I am, one of my missions is to try as many franchises from the genre as possible. Back around 2005, that mission led me to cross paths with Arc System Works’ Guilty ...

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