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With over 35 years of gaming experience, Robert 'DesertEagle' Allen is Tech-Gaming's resident worrier/warrior who spends his days teaching at three colleges and his nights devoted to JRPGs.

SteamWorld Dig: Fistful of Dirt (Switch) review

In an era when Pac-Man fever had yet to infect stateside gamers, Commodore PET users might be found playing MINER!, an excavation simulation that was published in Cursor magazine. Echoing games of the epoch, the purpose of Rod Longfellow’s title ...

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New Game Releases: February 1st-7th, 2018

With the Switch continuing to sell briskly, it’s not surprising to see Nintendo’s hybrid hardware receive the bulk of new digital game releases, with notables like Samurai Shodown II, Crypt of the NecroDancer, and SteamWorld ...

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Strikers Edge Review

Gaming’s early years offered plenty of enthralling duels, with titles like Pong, Combat, Warlords, and Discs of Tron offering bouts of pure competition. While today’s sophisticated fighting games undoubtedly have their merits, occasionally it’s enjoyable ...

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Zwei: The Arges Adventure review

Steadily, Nihon Falcom’s body of work has been transported stateside, cultivating a legion of fans with expertly crafted franchises like Ys and Legend of Heroes. In turn, critical and commercial success has prompted publishers to ...

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Switch Owners, Prepare to Be Insulted

The old adage of tongue being mightier than swords is rarely true for video games. With interactive entertainment, blades, bullets, and bare hands routinely get the emphasis, while words are habitually reserved for expositional purposes. ...

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New Game Releases: January 18th-24th, 2018

With notable releases like Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Hacker’s Memory and Lost Sphear, it’s starting to look like the post-holiday drought has finally ended, with the next seven days ushering in a few tempting titles. ...

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Gunhouse review

Occasionally, game designer can mimic bartenders, blending a few fundamental ingredients, and creating something quite exhilarating and exotic in the process. That’s certainly the case with Gunhouse, a quirky title that began as a PS ...

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